Fireline Explosives (FLE) are approved for use in Wilderness and have been successfully used by federal and state fire agencies for over forty years.   FLE can be considered a MIST alternative.  When deployed by ground crews using traditional protocols, a 3 foot to 4 foot wide fire line results.  Here is a link to a video of FLE ground deployment:

Aerial FLE deployment which has been used in Alaska, but so far not utilized in the lower 48, has some distinct advantages. The advantages are very rapid rate of line construction (1 mile per hour), effective fire line width of up to twenty feet, low environmental impact: no ditch in the soil, does not remove or kill vegetation (just removes fine fuels and leaves), and minimal risk and exposure to personnel.  Here is a link to a video of FLE aerial deployment:

FLE can be an alternative to bulldozers, and very useful in rugged terrain where risk to Hot Shots and ground personnel is a concern. 

Seems like firefighters and the environmental community could embrace this.  What are your thoughts? 


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